Policy & Resources   
24th March 2014PR Agenda 24th March 2014PR Minutes 24th March 2014Item 5 Committee Meetings
Item 6 Committee Membership
20th January 2014PR Agenda 20th Jan 2014PR Minutes 20th Jan 2014Item5 Budget
25th November 2013PR Agenda 25th Nov 2013PR Minutes 25th Nov 2013Item 5 Civic Centre
Item 6 Living Wage
Item 8 YLCA
Item 9 Food Bank
Item 10 Committee Change
9th September 2013PR Agenda 9th Sept 2013PR Minutes 9th Sept 2013Item5ByPass
15th July 2013PR Agenda 15th July 2013PR Minutes 15th July 2013CivicItem6
IT report 15-7-13
Tour de France
17th June 2013PR Agenda 17th June 2013PR Minutes 17th June 2013Item 4 Gallows Hill
Date AgendaMinutesReports
17th March 2014Asset Mgmt Agenda 17th March 2014Asset Man Minutes 17th March 2014Allotment Manager report 17th March 2014a
10th February 2014Asset Mgmt Minutes 10th February 2014Asset Mgmt Minutes 10th February 2014Allotment Manager report 10th February 2014

Item 5 Toilets 10th February
16th September 2013Asset Mgmt Agenda 16th September 2013Asset Man Minutes 16th September 2013Allotment Manager report 16th September 2013
3rd June 2013Asset Man Minutes 3rd June 2013Asset Man Minutes 3rd June 2013Allotment 5 year plan item 5 3rd June 2013
Allotment Manager report 3rd June 2013
Orchardgate Toilets No 7
Community Development   
14th April 2014Comm Dev Agenda 14th April 2014
Comm Dev Minutes 14th April 2014Item 5 CDO Report (April 2014)
Item 6 Core Resource Centre (April 2014)
Item 7 Voice Your Choice - Project Ideas (April 2014)
Item 9 Youth Support Services
Item 10 Community Service, Grants, Sponsorships
27th January 2014Comm Dev Agenda 27th January 2014Comm Dev Minutes 27th Jan 2014Item 5 CDO Report (January 2014)
Item 6 Core Resource Centre (Jan 2014)
9th December 2013Comm Dev Agenda 9th December 2013Comm Dev Minutes 9th Dec 2013Item 5 CDO Report (December 2013)
Item 6 Core Resource Centre (Oct-Dec 2013)
7th October 2013Comm Dev Agenda 7th October 2013Comm Dev Minutes 7th Oct 2013Item 5 CDO Report (October 2013)
Item 6 Core Resource Centre
1st July 2013Comm Dev Agenda 1st July 2013Comm Dev Minutes 1st July 2013Item 5 CDO Report (July 2013)
Item 6 Core Resource Centre
Item 7 Communications & Publicity sub-group
Item 9 Voice Your Choice - Project Ideas (June 2013)
Environment & Sustainability   
3rd March 2014ES Agenda 3rd March 2014ES Minutes 3rd March 2014OTC CAB PROJECT REPORT 27 02 14 Amended Appendix to Item 4
ES Cttee 03032014 Report on Gallows Hill item 5
ES Cttee 03032014 Report on Ilkley Road item 6
ESCttee 03032014 Services for unemployed Otley residents item 7
ESCttee 03032014 Report on Kell Beck Footpaths item 8
ES Cttee 03032014 Report on Sustrans item 9
13th January 2014ES Agenda 13th January 2014ES Minutes 13th January 2014Gallows Hill Strategy and Management Plan 2014-2019
Item 5 Wellcroft Play Area
Item 6 Kell Beck Footpath
Item 7 Gallows Hill
4th November 2013ES Agenda 4th November 2013ES Minutes 4th November 2013Item 4 Gallows Hill Report
Item 5 Kell Beck Report
Item 6 Cycling Report
Item 7 Food Festival
Item 8 Otley In Bloom Report
Item 9 Travellers Report
Item 9 Travellers Report
Item 10 Otley BID Report
Item 11 CAB Initiative
17th June 2013ES Agenda 17th June 2013ES Minutes 17th June 2013Item 4 Cycling Initiative
Item 5 Report on Gallows Hill for ES Cttee on 17 June 2013
Item 6 Food Web
Item 7 Kell Beck
Item 8 Job Centre
7th April 2014Plans Agenda 7th April 2014Plans Minutes 7th April 2014OTC Slides (4 per page)
10th March 2014Plans Agenda 10th March 2014Plans Minutes 10th March 2014
17th February 2014Plans Agenda 17th February 2014Plans Minutes 17th February 2014
13th January 2014Plans Agenda 13th January 2014Plans Minutes 13th January 2014
16th December 2013Plans Agenda 16th December 2013Plans Minutes 16th December 2013
18th November 2013Plans Agenda 18th November 2013Plans Minutes 18th November 2013
14th October 2013Plans Agenda 14th October 2013Plans Minutes 14th October 2013
2nd September 2013Plans Agenda 2nd September 2013Plans Minutes 2nd September 2013
22nd July 2013Plans Agenda 22nd July 2013Plans Minutes 22nd July 2013Item6delegatedauthority
24th June 2014Plans Agenda 24th June 2013Plans Minutes 24th June 2013
10th May 2014Plans Agenda 20th May 2013Plans Minutes 20th May 2013
Events Management
Date AgendaMinutesReports
10th March 2014Agenda Events Mgmt 10th March 2014Events Mgmt Minutes 10th March 2014Item 4 Upcoming Events
23rd September 2013Agenda Events Mgmt 23rd Sept 2013Events Mgmt Minutes 23rd Sept 2013Item 4 Upcoming Events
8th July 2013Agenda Events Mgmt 8th July 2013Events Mgmt Minutes 8th July 2013Item 5 Upcoming Events
Item 7 XmasLights
Item 8 Tour de France
Item 9 Remembrance Sunday