Please note that the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group Meetings are open to Members of the Public to observe

30th August 2017NP Agenda 30 August 2017NP Minutes 30th August 2017
8th August 2017NP Agenda 8th August 2017NP Minutes 8th August 2017
11th July 2017NP Agenda 11th July 2017NP Minutes 11th July 2017
13th June 2017NP Agenda 13th June 2017NP Minutes 13th June 2017
25th April 2017NP Agenda 25th April 2017NP Minutes 25th April 2017
3rd April 2017NP Agenda 3rd April 2017NP Minutes 3rd April 2017
28th February 2017NP Agenda 28th February 2017NPMinutes 28th February 2017
18th January 2017NP Agenda 18th January 2017NP Minutes 18th January 2017
26th October 2016NP Agenda 26th October 2016NP Minutes 26th October 2016
28th September 2016NP Agenda 28th September 2016NP Minutes 28th September 2016
22nd August 2016NP Agenda 22nd August 2016NP Minutes 22nd August 2016
30th June 2016NP Agenda 30th June 2016NP Minutes 30th June 2016
8th September 2015NP Agenda 8th September 2015NP Minutes 8th September 2015
28th July 2015Agenda 28th July 2015NP Minutes 28th July 2015
11th May 2015NP Agenda 11th May 2015NP Minutes 11th May 2015
9th April 2015NP Agenda 09th April 2015NP minutes 9th April 2015
10th March 2015NP Agenda 10th March 2015NP Minutes 10th March 2015
27th January 2015NP Agenda 27th Jan 2015NP Minutes 27th January 2015
3rd December 2014NP Agenda 3rd Dec 2014
NP Minutes 3rd Dec 2014
27th October 2014NP Agenda 27th Oct 2014NP Minutes 27th Oct 2014
7th May 2014NP Agenda 17th May 2014NP Minutes 7th May 2014
19th March 2014NP Agenda 19th Mar 2014NP Minutes 19th Mar 2014
5th February 2014NP Agenda 5th Feb 2014NP Minutes 5th Feb 2014
18th December 2013NP Agenda 18th Dec 2013NP Minutes 18th Dec 2013
26th September 2013NP Agenda 26th Sept 2013NP Minutes 26th Sept 2013
10th July 2013NP Agenda 10th July 2013NP Minutes 10th July 2013