Otley Neighbourhood Plan Informal Sites Consultation

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The Otley Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared by Otley Town Council through a Steering Group of councillors and local community representatives.

Neighbourhood Plans are a new type of community-led planning document introduced by Government in the 2011 Localism Act. They are part of a raft of new community rights to enable local communities to better shape their places. Once adopted the Otley Plan will form part of the statutory development plan for Leeds and its policies will be used by the City Council to help determine planning applications and by inspectors in deciding appeals.

The Otley Plan is now at an advanced draft stage and contains many policies and proposals relating to individual sites and buildings within the town.  For this reason we are now consulting members of the public on the draft provisions of the plan which relate to your interests.

Please see below the 10 different categories and sites we would like your views on.

Responses can be made by e-mail to  [email protected] or by completing a form online.

The consultation will end on the 13th January 2017. If you have any questions, please either e-mail us at    [email protected] or ring us during normal office hours (Monday- Thursday 10am – 4pm Friday 10am-3pm) on 01943 466335.

Following this consultation, the intention is to move to the statutory consultation on a final plan during March/April next year, after which the plan will be submitted to Leeds City Council to organise an independent examination. We anticipate that the plan will come into force in Summer 2018, following a referendum of all electoral role voters within the Neighbourhood Area.

Categories and Sites for Comment

Employment Sites

New Green Space Site

Live.Work Accommodation Site

Car Parking Sites

Entertainment Venue

Riverside Corridor Sites

Non-designated Heritage Asset Sites

Community Facilities

Candidate Local Green Space Sites

Protection of Natural Heritage Sites