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Committee Papers

The Council comprises 20 voluntary Councillors elected from within the town every four years and has a structure of committees to carry out its functions.

In addition, the Council holds an Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting in May each year.

Annual General Meeting  

Otley Town Council hold an Annual General Meeting in May every year currently held at the Otley Bridge Church.  The business transacted includes the election and installation of the Mayor and the signing and acceptance of office, the election of the Deputy Mayor and the presentation of the Town Council Annual Report.

Annual Parish Meeting (AGM & Annual Parish Meeting 2016)

The Council is required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting to which every elector of Otley is invited to attend. Uniquely in UK Government structures the electors are entitled through this meeting to question their elected representatives on issues covered by the Town Council’s powers and duties. This Council holds this Annual Parish Meeting on the same night as the Annual General Meeting.

The Council Committee structure includes:

Full Council

Full Council is the ultimate decision making body of the Council and is chaired by the Town Mayor. It has full authority to decide on any matter concerning Council business though generally the actual business matters will have been delegated to a Committee or Sub Committee.

Policy and Resources Committee

Policy and Resources comprises all Councillors and has a wide remit covering all matters of policy and financial budget preparation.  Issues which involve policy or cross committee interests may be dealt with by this committee.

Community Development Committee

This committee’s main functions are to assist Otley Community groups to interact with the Town Council, provide small grant funding support and manage the production of Otley Matters.

Environment & Sustainability Committee

This committee is concerned with all issues that affect Otley’s environment and the promotion of sustainability measures, including cycling and walking, street cleansing, litter and dog fouling and improvements to Otley’s green spaces.

Planning Sub Committee

The Town Council has a statutory right to be consulted on all planning applications within the town.   The sub committee carries out this primary function as well as looking at any licensing issues and also takes account of any issues concerning built structures within the town.

Trade and Tourism Committee

This committee is focused on working in partnership with other key local stakeholders to strengthen and diversify the local economy.  The key objectives of this committee are to optimise the opportunities for local trade, develop the town’s visitor offer and to more effectively market the town.

Audit Committee

The committee’s role is to oversee the Council’s finances, all non-staffing contractual matters and to provide assurance surrounding the governance of the organisation.  This committee is not open  to the public.

Human Resources Sub Committee

This Sub Committee is the forum for dealing with all staff issues, appointment, contracts and matters arising and is not open to the public.