Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2018-2019  
11th June 2018Agenda 11th June 2018Minutes 11th June 2018Outturn Report
Committee Membership June 2018
16th July 2018Agenda 16th July 2018Minutes 16th July 2018Outturn Report
Town Crier Competition
Local Authorities Property Fund & Investment Strategy
17th September 2018Agenda 17th September 2018Minutes 17th September 2018Neighbourhood Plan
Document Management Policy
Record Management Policy
WW1 Commemoration
5th November 2018Agenda 5th November 2018
21st January 2019
25th March 2019
Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2017-2018  
12th June 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 12th June 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 12th June 2017Navvies Monument
Equality & Diversity Charter
YLCATraining On Chairmanship Skills
Limitation on Voting at Meetings
24th July 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 24th July 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 24th July 2017Neighbourhood Plan
Wharfedale Mews
Gallows Hill Ponds
Chippendale 300
Committee Membership 2017
Outturn Report to 30-06-18
11th September 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 11th September 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 11th September 2017Outturn Report
13th November 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 13th November 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 13th November 2017External Audit
Annual Return
Reform of Data Protection Legislation
Wharfedale Scouts
Public Space Protection Order
Outturn Report
22nd January 2018Policy & Resources Agenda 22nd January 2018Policy & Resources Minutes 22nd January 2018Outturn Report
Governance Review
Budget Summary 2018-19
Otley Town Council Budget Proposal 2018
26th March 2018Policy & Resources Agenda 26th March 2018Policy & Resources Minutes 26th March 2018Outturn Report
2018-19 Meeting Schedule
GDRP report
Ethical Standards
Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2016-2017  
13th June 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 13th June 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 13th June 2016Consolidated Community Fund
Investing In Otley Fund
18th July 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 18th July 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 18th July 2016Flag Flying Policy
12th September 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 12th Sept 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 12th September 2016Trade& Tourism Budget
Ambassadors Programme
14th November 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 14th November 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 14th November 2016Outturn Analysis
Citizens Advice Bureau
Local Govt Finance
Navvies Monument
23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 23rd January 2017Internal Audit
Outurn Report
Budget Summary 2017-18
27th March 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 27th March 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 27th March 20172017-18 Meeting Schedule
Committee Membership March 2017