Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14 Public Consultation – Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan

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Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14 Public Consultation – Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14, Otley Town Council is undertaking a public consultation and would like to invite comments from organisations and individuals on its Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The public consultation runs from Friday 8th September until Friday 20th October 2017.


Proposed Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan

Otley Town Council has produced a Neighbourhood Development Plan which covers the whole of the civil parish of Otley, together with small adjacent areas of Weston and Farnley civil parishes (within Harrogate District) to the north west and north east respectively.  The Plan contains a vision for Otley along with an overall aim, a set of objectives, planning policies and proposals and community actions to achieve the vision.  The planning policies within the Plan seek to protect the character of Otley, with policies guiding new development, notably for housing, employment, mixed uses, transport and travel, as well as protection and enhancement policies relating to the green environment (including local greenspaces), built heritage and community facilities.

Following this consultation, the Plan will be amended and then submitted to Leeds City Council, as required, for a further Regulation 16 consultation and independent examination. The Plan, if successful at examination, will then proceed to a local referendum.  If the Plan receives a majority vote the City Council (and Harrogate Borough Council) will adopt the plan which will then become part of the statutory development plans – the Local Plans – for Leeds and Harrogate.  Any planning applications submitted within the boundary will be determined in accordance with this plan.


Aim of this consultation

This consultation seeks your views on the content of the proposed Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan, together with the supporting Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening Report.


Availability of Documents

The proposed Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan, supporting documents and evidence base can be viewed on this website by following the links below:

Neighbourhood Plan    –  Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Map – Otley Nieghbourhood Plan Map

Screening report   –   Otley NP – SEA&HRA Screening Report

Questionnaire –


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  • Ashfield Works Planning and Development Brief – available at:,%20May%202017.pdf

  • Otley Rail Link Study (White Young Green with JMP Consultants Ltd 2004) – Otley TC Rail Study Final Report March 2004
  • Leeds Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2009-17 –  ROWIP
  • Harrogate District Local Plan (current) – information available at:

  • Harrogate District Local Plan (emerging) – information available at:

  • Harrogate Green Infrastructure SPD – available at:

  • Weston Conservation Area Character Appraisal – available at:

  • Leeds Community Infrastructure Levy – information available at:





The Plan, Map and screening report may also be viewed on Leeds City Council’s website at:



Deposit Locations

Hard copies of the consultation document are also available for inspection at the following deposit locations:

Otley Town Council Offices

The Core, Unit 11, Orchard Gate, Otley, LS21 3NX

Monday to Thursday  – 10am to 4pm

Friday – 10am to 3pm

Otley Library

Nelson Street, Otley, LS21 1EZ

Normal opening hours
Prince Henry’s Grammar School While visiting on school business – contact schools for details
Otley Primary School reception areas apart from Westgate While visiting on school business – contact schools for details
Otley Medical and Dental Surgery reception areas While visiting on surgery business
Tealbeck House & Adlington House While visiting  – contact premises for details
All Saints Parish Church

Our Lady & All Saints Catholic Church

Otley Bridge Church

Otley Methodist Church

Normal times of opening – contact premises for details
Otley Social Club & Grove Hill Social Club Normal opening hours
Otley Courthouse Normal opening hours
Otley Supermarkets Normal opening hours
Otley Cricket Club Available to members and their guests at normal times of opening
Otley Old People’s Welfare Centre Normal times of opening
Otley Action for Older People Normal times of opening


In addition, the Town Council will be holding a series of 5 public drop-in sessions throughout the town during September and October.

Westgate Primary School                            
Tuesday 19th September                              7pm – 9pm


All Saints Primary School                             Tuesday 26th September                              7pm – 9pm


Weston Lane Social Club                              Saturday 30th September                            11am – 3pm


Otley Core                                                          Saturday 7th October                                     11am – 3pm


Newall Church Hall                                         Wednesday 11th October                             7pm – 9pm


How to Comment


The Town Council welcomes your comments.  Comments should be submitted, preferably using the Survey Monkey questionnaire link below:


Or by completing a paper questionnaire, available at deposit points and drop-in events, sent to either of the following addresses:-


E-mail: [email protected]


Post: Otley Town Council, The Core, Unit  11, Orchard Gate, Otley, LS21 3NX


Completed forms may also be handed in at the drop-in events.


The deadline for comments is 5pm on Friday 20th October 2017.  The Council cannot accept any late comments.


Further Information


Should you have any further queries about the Otley Neighbourhood Development Plan please contact Town Council staff at [email protected] or telephone 01943 466335.