What We Do

AGM 2015

AGM 2015

The Council Manages:

  • 10 allotments sites with over 200 plots
  • an annual sponsorship scheme and a Community Grant Scheme
  • Community Development assistance by employing a Community Development Officer to assist local community groups with sourcing funding
  • a nature area at Gallows Hill
  • Buttercross bookings
  • the Maypole (opposite the Civic Centre), which is not only a car park but also a community space for small outdoor events
  • a planning function, since the Town Council acts as a statutory consultee and represents the views of the Town to the planning authority.

The Council also

  • pays for the installation and maintenance of the Town Christmas Lights which add so much to the festive atmosphere from the end of November to early January
  • supports a Mayor and Deputy Mayor each year in their multitude of community, Civic and charity events

Apart from managing services the Council works with numerous partners on projects details of which can be seen under the appropriate headings on the website or individual committees.

Leeds City Council Services

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