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AGM 2015

AGM 2015

 Committee Meeting Schedule 2015 – 2016

Annual General Meeting

Otley Town Council hold an Annual General Meeting in May every year currently held at the Otley Bridge Church. The business transacted at this meeting includes the election and installation of the Mayor and the signing and acceptance of office, the election of the Deputy Mayor and the presentation of the Town Council Annual Report.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Council is required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting to which every elector of Otley is invited to attend by public advertisement. Otley residents are encouraged to attend this meeting where they have the opportunity to speak and ask qestions on any matters that concern them. This Council holds the Annual Parish Meeting on the same night as the Annual General Meeting.

Full Council

When the Full Council meets in formal session it is the ultimate decision making body of the Council. The Full Council meets in formal session 6 times a year and holds its Annual General Meeting each year in May. It is chaired by the Town Mayor and has full authority to decide on any matter concerning Council business, although generally the actual business of the Council will have been delegated to a committee. Otley Town Council operates via a number of Standing Committees and Terms of Reference