Policy & Resources Committee

Archive: Committee Cycle 2015 – 2016 Documentation 

Agenda & Minutes Committee Year 2016 to 2017

Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2016-2017  
13th June 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 13th June 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 13th June 2016Consolidated Community Fund
Investing In Otley Fund
18th July 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 18th July 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 18th July 2016Flag Flying Policy
12th September 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 12th Sept 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 12th September 2016Trade& Tourism Budget
Ambassadors Programme
14th November 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 14th November 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 14th November 2016Outturn Analysis
Citizens Advice Bureau
Local Govt Finance
Navvies Monument
23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 23rd January 2017Internal Audit
Outurn Report
Budget Summary 2017-18
27th March 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 27th March 2017
Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2015-2016  
15th June 2015PR Agenda 15th June 2015Policy & Resources Minutes 15th June 2015Committee Members 2015
Outside Bodies representation
Item 8 Flag Flying
20th July 2015Policy & Resources Agenda 20th July 2015Policy & Resources Minutes 20th July 2015Item 5 Budget
Item 6 Standing Orders
Item 7 General Power of Competence
Item 8 Town Sculpture
14th September 2015Policy & Resources Agenda 14th September 2015Policy & Resources Minutes 14th Sept 2015Item 6 Social Media Policy
Item 7 Recording Meetings
Item 8 Data Protection
10th November 2015Policy & Resources Agenda 10th November 2015Policy & Resources Minutes 10th November 2015
16th November 2015Policy & Resources Agenda 16th November 2015Policy & Resources Minutes 16th Nov 2015
18th January 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 18th January 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 18th Jan 2016Budget Item 5
Item 6 Market Place Car Parking
Item 7 Audit
Item 8 CIL
21st March 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 21st March 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 21st March 20162016-17 Meeting Schedule
Committee Membership 2016-2017
Item 7 Insurance
Item 8 Deposit Fund
Item 9 TdY Budget