Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2018-2019  
11th June 2018Policy & Resources Agenda 11th June 2018
16th July 2018
17th September 2018
5th November 2018
21st January 2019
25th March 2019
Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2017-2018  
12th June 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 12th June 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 12th June 2017Navvies Monument
Equality & Diversity Charter
YLCATraining On Chairmanship Skills
Limitation on Voting at Meetings
24th July 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 24th July 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 24th July 2017Neighbourhood Plan
Wharfedale Mews
Gallows Hill Ponds
Chippendale 300
Committee Membership 2017
Outturn Report to 30-06-18
11th September 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 11th September 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 11th September 2017Outturn Report
13th November 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 13th November 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 13th November 2017External Audit
Annual Return
Reform of Data Protection Legislation
Wharfedale Scouts
Public Space Protection Order
Outturn Report
22nd January 2018Policy & Resources Agenda 22nd January 2018Policy & Resources Minutes 22nd January 2018Outturn Report
Governance Review
Budget Summary 2018-19
Otley Town Council Budget Proposal 2018
26th March 2018Policy & Resources Agenda 26th March 2018Policy & Resources Minutes 26th March 2018Outturn Report
2018-19 Meeting Schedule
GDRP report
Ethical Standards
Policy & ResourcesCommittee Cycle 2016-2017  
13th June 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 13th June 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 13th June 2016Consolidated Community Fund
Investing In Otley Fund
18th July 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 18th July 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 18th July 2016Flag Flying Policy
12th September 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 12th Sept 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 12th September 2016Trade& Tourism Budget
Ambassadors Programme
14th November 2016Policy & Resources Agenda 14th November 2016Policy & Resources Minutes 14th November 2016Outturn Analysis
Citizens Advice Bureau
Local Govt Finance
Navvies Monument
23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 23rd January 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 23rd January 2017Internal Audit
Outurn Report
Budget Summary 2017-18
27th March 2017Policy & Resources Agenda 27th March 2017Policy & Resources Minutes 27th March 20172017-18 Meeting Schedule
Committee Membership March 2017