Annual Reports, Finance & Accounts


Annual Report

Every year Otley Town Council produces an annual report which describes its activities over the preceding 12 months. The Town Mayor also hosts an Annual Town Meeting at which a report about the Town Council’s activities is given. The meeting is held in May and is open to all members of the community. Copies of the annual report are distributed at this meeting.

Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2009
Annual Report 2008
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Annual Report 2006

Finance & Accounts

The accounting year for OTC runs from 1st April to 31st March. Otley Town Council publishes its accounts as soon as possible after the financial year end and before they have been audited.

The Income and Expenditure Reports show the income and expenditure accounts for the Council broken down by Committee with details of the cost centres and cost codes. The Town Council prepares an Annual Accounting Statement which is externally audited. This summarises the Council’s income and expenditure for the year and includes statements from the Council’s internal auditors.

Outturn Report 2013/2014
Outturn Report 2012/2013
Outturn Report 2011/2012
Outturn Report 2010/2011
Outturn Report 2009/2010
Outturn Report 2008/2009
Outturn Report 2007/2008
Outturn Report 2006/2007

Annual Returns and Accounts

Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2016
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2015
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2014
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2013
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2012
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2011
Annual Return Year Ending 31-3-2010