Town Council

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                    Otley Town Council, AGM May 2016

Otley Town Council was born from the restructuring of local government in England in the mid 1970’s. The previous Rural and Urban District Councils were disbanded with most of their functions being transferred to Leeds Metropolitan City Council. The Town Council was created to cover the town and parish of Otley.

Otley Town Council was determined to represent the townsfolk from the very start and has kept its independent identity to be the legitimate, democratic voice of the community. The Council comprises 20 voluntary Councillors elected from within the Town every four years and has a structure of committees to carry out its functions.

The Town Council meets in full session 6 times a year, but the majority of the issues are dealt with through committees and sub committees. All told the Council and its committees meet 50 or so times each year (For specific tasks ad hoc sub committees or working groups may be set up, but these are kept to the minimum necessary to achieve the work of the Council).

The committee structure for the Council is:

  • Full Council
  • Policy and Resources
  • Asset Management
  • Audit
  • Community Development
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Events Management
  • Planning and Development
  • Human Resources (staff related and confidential)

To promote the interests of the community Otley Town Council works with all elements of the community, whether through individual contacts or voluntary/commercial interest groups. Within the complexities of the modern world of business and public governance it is essential that a co-operative approach is taken to face the challenges and make use of all opportunities and skills within the Town.

By making community grants and sponsorship available the Council directly ensures that the liveliness and diversity of Otley continues as a vibrant community.

Each year the Council produces an Annual Report and Annual Accounts.