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Being a Town of proud tradition Otley has maintained the honourable post of Town Mayor. Each May a new Mayor is chosen by the Councillors to wear the chains of office.

The Mayor has two distinct roles:

Civic Role

The Mayor is the first citizen of the town. Within the town, he or she has precedence over all but members of the Royal Family and the Queen’s deputy, the Lord Lieutenant. In their Civic Role the Mayor meets with individuals and communities to honour them for their contribution to the life of the town and to promote civic pride. The role of Mayor is distinct from that of Councillor and the Mayor acts in a non-political manner when carrying out their civic role. The Deputy Mayor will attend functions when the Mayor is unable to do so.

Chair of Council

The Mayor also chairs meetings of the Full Council. The Mayor must ensure that business can be carried out efficiently, with regard to the rights of Councillors and in the interests of the community. In the event of an equality of votes on any question before the meeting, the Mayor has the power to use a casting vote.

Town Mayor 2016-2017

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Cllr Ian Jackson, Town Mayor 2016-17

Deputy Town Mayor 

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Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Nigel Francis

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