Honorary Citizens

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    Honorary Citizen Presentaton 2016, Peggy Sykes

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    Honorary Citizen Presentation 2015, John Rhodes

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    Honorary Citizen Presentation 2015, Ailsa Bearpark

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    Honorary Citizen Presentation 2014, Peter Heald

Otley Town Council has a tradition of creating Honorary Citizens. Those who qualify for Honorary Citizens are the very best of Otley’s community spirit. They are all people who have served Otley and given selflessly to the Community for many years. This really is a lifetime achievement award from the Community expressed through the Town Council.

Nominations can be received at anytime by completing and submitting the Honorary Citizen Nomination Form following which the Executive Officer will contact you to discuss the process.

The current Honorary Citizens are:

Year AwardedName
1995Mrs B Bower
Mr H Shah
1997Mr D Haller
1998Mr M McGowan
Mrs B Bevan
2005Mrs D Gagen
Mrs B Deakin
2007Mrs I Willis
2008Mr J Morgan
Mrs M Crossfield
2009Mrs O Cooper
2010Mr D Robson
2011Mrs L Noble
Ms B Dexter
Mr R Moss

2012Mrs E Hendry
Mrs C Newbould
Mrs S Pullan
2014Mr P Heald
2015Mrs A Bearpark
Mr J Rhodes
2016Mrs P Sykes