Environment & Sustainability 

The Town Council is committed to maintaining and indeed improving the environment and sustainability of the community of Otley.  The environment covers many aspects of our daily quality of life from urban parks to nature areas such as Gallows Hill. It also covers the issues brought by modern transport in a traditional victorian town centre.  The Town Council is actively working to find ways of mitigating the impact of modern traffic in Otley by imaginative plans to find ways of increasing public transport options as well as healthy solutions for walking and cycling.

The Town Council is working with external bodies such as Leeds City Council and Metro as well as local groups and individuals to improve the Town's environment.  No single group or individual can resolve such complex issues and only through consistent partnership working will the quality of life be maintained and improved across the Town.

The Council is always keen to hear of new and exciting ideas from the community and therefore if you have any feedback on these issues please contact the Executive Officer EO@otleytowncouncil.gov.uk